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The competition for the Best European Destination for 2015 has ended, with Bordeaux being crowned the winner!

Bordeaux beat out Portuguese favourite Porto in a very close race: 42,396 votes against 37,621! It’s definitely a well-deserved reward as Bordeaux has greatly improved its tourist amenities in the last few years. This sleepy town that used to only be known for its surrounding wine regions has woken up and its now an attractive destination for younger travellers.

The internet competition attracted a massive amount of votes, organised by European Best Destinations, an organisation in charge of promoting tourism. 244,696 votes from over 100 countries were registered in just over three weeks. How about you, do you think Bordeaux deserved to win? Find out why it did by booking a Bordeaux hotel for your next French adventure!

Img: Christophe Bouthe pour European Best Destinations

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