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The most famous artist to work on the Berlin Wall has also been hard at work on some new art, but this time it’s in some of London’s wealthiest squares.

Thierry Noir spent five years painting the western side of the Berlin Wall in the 1980s. As Berlin celebrates 25 years since the wall came down, Thierry Noir can still be found painting away, this time outside the German Embassy in Belgrave Square and in several rooms which used to be used as the East German Embassy.

This new artistic initiative is called “East Meets West: Bringing Down the Wall” and was organised by the German Embassy and the Howard Griffin Gallery to mark the incredible anniversary of the fall of the wall. Noir, originally from France, said that “painting in such a setting this week has been very special.” Want to take a look at the work? Just take a stroll through Belgrave Square to see this artist’s playful work in the street.

Img: viviendoenlaerapop / Flickr cc.

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