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Travellers often find that the most memorable part of their trip is free: whether it is a moment with a loved one, trekking through an untouched jungle, or experiencing something as simple as a sunset.

A breath taking sunset captures its audience and renders them speechless as they stare at the fusion of colours and shades. Each evening offers a different colour pallet and formation, meaning that each sunset is unique to that moment in time.

The ephemeral nature makes the whole experience irresistible for tourists, who live by the philosophy ‘to be in the moment’, and what’s more in the moment than enjoying a sight that will disappear forever after 20 minutes?

Here are our favourite places to watch the sun say goodbye to the day and welcome the night.

Grand Canyon, Arizona

The Grand Canyon appears on fire at sunset, the rocks turn a deep shade of red with a hint of burnt orange as the sun goes down. The cliffs and crevices cast impressive shadows into the great abyss making the depths seem even deeper than before.grand-canyon-sunset

Maasaimara, Kenya

Sunset at Masai Mara nature reserve is a must-see and quite possibly one of the most beautiful sights you will ever experience. There’s something quite magical about watching wild animals in their natural habitat against a backdrop of one of the world’s greatest natural phenomenons.MAASAIMARA-KENYA-sunset

Lofoten, Norway

A sunset in Lofoten is not always guaranteed. From between late May and mid-July the sun never goes down. The “Midnight Sun” keeps the land in bright daylight during those months.
So if you want to catch a sunset, book flight to Norway for autumn or winter months as they’re your best bet to catch an epic sunset.

The winter months are called “Polar Nights” when the sun does not even rise. Instead you get to witness the swirling green Northern Lights that come out to play instead.Norway-sunset

Isle of Skye, Scotland

Famous for its scenery and landscape it’s hard not to be blown away by the Scottish highlands, Isle of Skye, day or night. It’s a favourite spot among photographers; many come equipped with their lens and shoot the indescribable beauty of the Scottish sunset.Scotland-sunset

IMG: Chris Sorge, J*Philips, Ralf, Trondk, billydorichards / Flickr cc.

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