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Last month London Underground experience its busy day ever when a whopping 4,735,000 people used the tube.

The day in question was Friday 9th October, which will now go down in London’s history; it broke the record which was on Friday 28th November.

Transport for London (TfL) expects the current record to be broken before the end of the year.

The busiest tub stations are:

Oxford Circus 98.51 million

King’s Cross St Pancras 91.98 million

Waterloo 91.49 million

Victoria 86.73 million

London Bridge 74.98 million

Liverpool Street 73.66 million

Stratford 59.31 million

Bank & Monument 52.31 million

Canary Wharf 51.81 million

Paddington 49.28

IMG: Hernan Pinera / Flickr cc.

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