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When we’re booking cheap hotels in Beijing or Shanghai flights, we like to keep in mind the purpose of our trip. Perhaps we’re going for a cultural experience, maybe to see those tourist attractions we’ve heard so much about – sometimes, we’ll be honest, we just want to eat some of that delicious food and visit the markets.

Planning some of what we hope to do in the sprawling metropolises makes us look forward to our holiday that bit more, not that we need any help.

However, as one travel provider has made clear, China may have too much to do but you will certainly never be bored there.

AbsoluteChinaTours pointed out that the country has a huge variety of different sights and sounds, all of which can be experienced by the visitor who has taken the time to plan their vacation.

“From museums, mammoth palaces, holy temples, historical buildings and strolls on the street of Silk Road, China has everything to make your trip enjoyable and breathtaking,” the firm stated, noting that from a solo experience to a honeymoon to a family getaway, everyone should be satisfied.

And in case you’re having trouble planning that special break, a DIY tour-builder such as the recently launched China Guide might help.

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