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This is the first feature of its kind for an airline company. Seeing the potential that social media platforms have, like Facebook and Twitter, now American travellers can search and book Delta Airline flights without needing to leave Facebook.

Delta Airlines, with 37,000 Facebook fans, is the first in the world to offer this kind of service to its passengers. Users only need to go to the “Book a Trip” tab on the Delta Facebook page to get started. From there an integrated application takes over.

The application not only lets users stay on Delta’s Facebook page, but it also lets users share their booked flight information with friends. This innovation is just the next logical step for booking flights on-line. There’s no doubt that travellers loyal to one of the biggest airlines in the USA will make use of the new feature. It’s also really useful for group wanting to book together.

In the future, Delta is planning to also develop Facebook applications for hotel rooms, events, etc. Security is always a question that comes up when it comes to personal information on Facebook and Delta responds to the concerns by explaining that in no way is personal information shared with the popular social media platform.

What do you think? Would you book a flight on Facebook?

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