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Travellers are using their smartphones while travelling more than ever and while Times Square is right in front of them, they’re already posting a pic of it on Instagram and Twitter. Denmark has come up with a brilliant way to help tourists hashtag their photos better.

VisitDenmark first identified the most shared landmarks around the country, including a stretch of cliffs along the Danish island of Mon, the town of Skagen and Egeskov Castle. These are called “Denmark’s Most Shareable Places.” Then, it created simple, easy-to-understand signs at each destination with a local-specific hashtag, encouraging visitors to take photos, haghtag them and share them with their friends and family on social media channels.

These images, when hashtagged properly, then show up on a specific part of the tourism board’s website, not to mentioned popping up in the timelines or other travellers and their friends.

Check it out!

Brilliant idea or total over-kill?

Img: VisitDenmark

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