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The EU’s Court of Justice ruled, quite controversially, last week that airlines can continue imposing checked baggage charges on their passengers. So make sure you don’t get caught by these extra fees!

Airlines like Ryanair can charge as much as £70 per bag at peak travel times like Christmas and during the summer holidays. Spanish law had previously ruled these charges as illegal but Europe’s top course has overruled this in a test case brought to court by a Spanish woman. The result?

Airlines are free to continue charging sometimes ghastly amounts of money for checked-in luggage. Low cost airlines like Ryanair have suggested that passengers are discouraged from hold luggage in order to keep turnaround times to a minimum, which in turn keeps flight ticket prices low.

There are a few ways, however, that passengers can avoid paying these extortionate additional fees. On way is to send your luggage ahead via an international courier. But getting baggage through customs can be an issue. But with it sent far enough in advance, your luggage should be waiting for you when you arrive at your hotel.

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