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Take advantage of that end of the year bonus and use it to travel someplace new. Need some inspiration? Check out our new quiz to discover which destination suits you best for Christmas and also learn some unusual things about Christmas traditions from around the world.

At home, we expect Santa Claus to arrive on our rooftops in a sleigh, pulled by twelve reindeer, and jump down through our chimneys to deliver his gifts. But there are a thousand and one ways to celebrate Christmas around the world. Whether it be religious, secular, modern or traditional, festive or spiritual…

Did you know, for example, that on December 24th in Estonia, the President declares Christmas Peace (a 350 year-old tradition!) and everyone goes to the sauna? Häid jõule! Did you know, at the same time, the Portuguese celebrate the “missa do galo,” the Rooster Mass? Feliz natal!

What’s your ideal destination for Christmas? We made a quiz to help you decide where to spend the holidays at the end of the year. Click on the link below and get inspired for your next trip. There are 7 questions, it’s nice and fast and make sure you share your results with your friends to see who’s coming with you!

What’s your ideal destination for the Christmas holidays?


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