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Drunken man, 21, books a flight to Barcelona whilst on a night out

Alexander Caviel booked a flight to Barcelona after a heavy drinking session with his friends, and woke up sober in Spain.

At the end of a night out with his friends, Caviel spotted a bus to Stansted airport, he took the bus to the airport and on his way he booked a flight to Barcelona on his phone.

He claims he has no knowledge of getting on the bus or booking his flight, around 4am.

After landing in Spain, and realising what he had done, he called his Dad to explain. His Dad found the whole situation hilarious and told his son to enjoy his time in the city.

Caviel met some backpackers from US, and kept his friends updated by Snapchat.

IMG: Flight of Beers, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada by / Flickr cc.

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