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Vietnam has opened the doors for gay travellers and travel groups by dropping its ban on same-sex marriages. This small Southeast Asian country is taking the lead in gay rights and is set to become a popular destination for LGBT travellers.

The law, which now recognises same-sex marriage, places this communist country are the forefront of other countries in the region and is setting itself up to become a popular choice for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender travellers and boost the country’s tourism industry. The law went into effect on New Year’s Day.

The government also abolished fines that were imposed on homosexual weddings in 2013. Vietnam is the only country in Southeast Asia that has taken such a step towards accepting same-sex marriage. In Thailand, efforts to address the country’s same-sex laws have stalled since May when the military government took control. The issue isn’t even in the legislative agenda for Cambodia, Burma and Laos. In Brunei, the situation is even worse. Those seeking a same-sex marriage could face whippings and long prison sentences.

While the world waits for the rest of Southeast Asia to catch up, LGBT travellers can enjoy planning their future holidays, booking flights to Hanoi and looking forward to trip to a welcoming, friendly and open country.

Img: v-a-k / Flickr cc.

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