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We have smart phones, smart watches, smart cars and now… smart shoes! EasyJet passengers could soon be able to navigate themselves around a city wearing the airline’s newest piece of smart technology.

These orange trainers have built-in vibrating sensors to direct the wearer where to go, eliminating the need to have a map or check one’s phone constantly while exploring a new city. EasyJet is all about the wearable tech and these shoes could be the next big travel accessory!

The shoes are equipped with Bluetooth technology that is compatible with any smart phone. The shoes are controlled by an app that uses the phone’s GPS system to navigate, telling the wearer where to go by small vibrations. For example, if you should turn left, the left shoe will vibrate. Currently the app is only available for iPhone.

The shoes were successfully tested on the streets of Barcelona, helping various people reach city landmarks without needing to check a map on the way! For now, it’s not sure when they’re be available to the public or how much they’re going to cost. In any case, how cool are they??

Check out this little video to see these sneaks in action!

Img: film screenshot

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