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Eurostar now has Wi-Fi and on-board entertainment

Eurostar has announced the launch of free Wi-Fi and on-board entertainment across its new fleet of trains from London to Paris.

Passengers will be ecstatic to know that on your next trip to Paris you will be able to get free Wi-Fi with Eurostar.

Passengers will be able to browse and choose from more than 300 hours of popular TV shows and films, games, magazines and Wi-Fi for unlimited Instragramming.

The lack of Wi-Fi has always been a bug bare for travellers who have become accustomed to free Wi-Fi services on trains. And if you’re worried that your phone will die from the internet binging; don’t be, Eurostar have your back! They have modified the new trains to ensure each seat has a socket to take a British or European-style plug. So there will be no fighting in the aisles.

IMG: Eurostar by red hand records / Flickr cc.

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