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If you’re planning a beach getaway on a budget, Vietnam is the place to go. At least, that’s what a new survey suggests – it’s ranked 250 beaches in terms of the cost of a day at each. 

The study, by TravelBird, looked at how much beach essentials such as sun cream, water and a basic lunch cost at beaches in 66 countries worldwide. Coming in cheapest – with a day out costing just £9.34 – is the picturesque Cua Dai Beach near Hoi An in Vietnam. With three other Vietnamese beaches making up the cheapest four, now is the perfect time to book that trip to Vietnam!

Perhaps surprisingly, a few German beaches made it into the cheapest 20, with the assessed items coming in at £13 at Timmendorfer Strand.

At the other end of the scale, La Plage de Maui in Tahiti takes the crown as the world’s most expensive beach with a day on its sandy shores costing £41.50.

IMG: Cua Dai beach, Claire_h / Flickr cc.

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