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Runway 26, has become the first BOOBS approved venue where breastfeeding is welcomed.

The award was given by Salford’s Breastfeeding Welcome scheme (who have recently relaunched as BOOBS which stands for Be Open on Breastfeeding in Salford).

The idea behind the scheme is to create a safe and welcoming environment for women who breastfeed, when venues sign up for the scheme they receive posters and banners to proudly display in their venue for mums to see.

Mums are able to see a list of locations that are on board with the scheme on BOOBS Facebook page.

Steven Brierley, manager of Runway 26, said: “After being featured in the BOOBS 2016 calendar last year we realised that we could increase our appeal to families and offer a friendly venue for breastfeeding mums to go. We fully support everything the group is doing and can’t wait to welcome more families to the airport”

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