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The Foreign and Commonwealth Office has decided to lift the travel advisory for Mombasa and the entire stretch of the Kenyan coast from Watamu all the way to the Tanzanian border.

This news comes to the delight of the Kenyan Tourism Board as they record declining tourist numbers due to terrorism. The southern coast has always been open for tourism but now visitors will be able to enjoy the vast majority of the coast, the only exception being Malindi and the regions further north from there.

Kenya has more than 500 kilometres of gorgeous coastline, right on the Indian Ocean. While the country is known for its wildlife and safaris, Kenya also has some of the most beautiful beaches in Africa. Mombasa, Nyali and Likoni are some of the best spots to enjoy when you book flights to Kenya for a little sun and sand.

Now visitors will be able to enjoy some time at the beach, paired with a trip to one of Kenya’s 59 national parks.

Img: The Sands Kenya / Flickr cc.

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