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Wild, the latest film from Canadian director Jean-Marc Vallée, is currently in cinemas and it pays homage to an epic trip across some of the United States’ most incredible landscapes.

It follows the story of a young American woman who wants to take hold of her life again and sets out on a solo adventure to find herself. She sets off to hike the Pacific Crest Trail, a famous route in the USA that is considered one of the longest and toughest through-trails in the country.

The landscapes she travels across are incredible. This trail runs all the way across the Unites States from north to south, from Canada to Mexico, crossing forests, going over the Sierra Nevada mountains… It’s 2,663 miles in total. Hiking the entire trail takes between four and six months and parts of it can also be cycled or tackled on horseback.

While Reese Witherspoons’ character, Cheryl Strayed, takes on the trail without any preparation, this is far from recommended. As with any hiking holidays, several months of training are required for this one: fewer than 200 people complete the entire journey from Mexico to Canada.

If you need some inspiration for your next trip, or you just need something to watch this weekend, check out Wild.


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