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Free public Wi Fi could soon be available across the EU

Finding free Wi Fi when abroad is something of a daily goal for many holidaymakers: now, the European Commission is proposing to make free Wi Fi a reality across Europe by 2020! 

Announced in a speech made by president of the European Union’s executive branch, Jean-Claude Juncker, the plan aims to “equip every European village and every city with free wireless internet access around the main centres of public life by 2020″.

With a budget of €120 million, the plan aims to fund the cost of the necessary equipment and installation; public bodies and local councils will then need to pay subscription and maintenance costs. Whether this will be a priority for councils remains to be seen.

With the internet playing a crucial role in daily life for many in Europe, Juncker stated that “it should not matter where you live or how much you earn” – everyone should be able to benefit from connectivity.

What do you think about the plans? Do you struggle to find Wi Fi when traveling?!

IMG: Free as in Wifi, Alan Levine / Flickr cc.

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