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Vagabrothers are Marko and Alex Ayling, brothers from San Diego who are award-winning travel, videographers, photographers and writers. They have documented their travels all over the world and now are entering the gritty and beautiful terrain of the North of England starting with Hull, Leeds and Durham.

In their road trip through the North of England the brothers wanted to visit some of the most historical places and to tick off as many places on their travel bucket list as they can. You may find it surprising that Leeds would be on the bucket list of these exotic travellers but the brothers have a soft spot for underrated destinations and that is definitely what they found with these Northern gems.

They visited Hull because of its rich maritime history and the city’s title of UK City of Culture 2017, and despite reading negative things on the internet they explored with an open mind and found many beautiful things in the Northern city.

The v-log will be published mid-april.vagabrothers vagabrothers2 vagabrothers3

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