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Always after the perfect selfie while you’re travelling? Then you no doubt already carry a selfie stick wherever you go. But selling them in South Korea could land you in jail!

Selfie stick or a potentially chaos-inducing electromagnetic radiation emitter? It’s an easy mistake to make. In South Korea, these trendy photography gadgets could be both and anyone selling an unregistered version could face a fine of £17,500 or up to three years in jail.

Regulating the sale of these small monopods, designed to help mobile photographers take better photos, will be very difficult due to their numbers. This is one hot product! The ministry is cracking down on models with bluetooth technology, which allows the user to release the smartphone shutter remotely, rather than using a timer.

It’s an “obligatory crack down.” So watch out if you’re a bluetooth selfie stick owner travelling to South Korea.

Img: ton-schulten / Flickr cc.

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