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Ryanair has finally replaced its loud and infamous on-time jingle with something different. There’s a new in-flight jingle in town, but is it better than the last? What’s the verdict?

The old version was a cacophony of trumpets and a self-congratulatory message. You know which one we’re talking about… “another on-time flight with Ryanair!” The low cost airline decided to scrap it after a poll taken on Twitter last year. It seems enough travellers hated it to push the airline to come up with something a little different.

The new one features music that’s a bit more modern and the voiceover remains as smug as before: “Last year, over 90 per cent of our flights arrived on time.” This is just another improvement for Ryanair, who also promised to do an interior make-over of its cabins, toning down the use of bright yellow.

Img: keoshi / Flickr cc.

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