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While Germany’s Baltic coast may not have the reputation or the glamour or dazzle of the French Riviera, it certainly has much to be desired. Where else can you get sea, sand, sun and Weiner schnitzel? Head the the Baltic this summer, you won’t be disappointed.

The small stretch of coastline along the Ostsee, as the locals call the Baltic, is being plugged as the Riviera of the north, the German Riviera, in attempts to attract more international tourists. It’s got the old-school charm of the French and Italian Riviera’s without the price tag. This area was also the first proper seaside resort area in Germany, thanks to Friedrich Franz I discovering the soothing and healing powers of spending time at the sea (something he picked up from the British) in the late 1700s.



Miles of while sandy beaches and original wooden piers… sounds like something out of a story book doesn’t it? The beaches are lines with promenades, boardwalks and pine-forests. The city itself has been renews and revamped since the reunification, thanks to the money many Germans from the West brought with them when they headed east. With many pedestrian-friendly shopping lanes and busy cafés and restaurants… it’s no wonder the upper-class of Berlin has been holidaying here for generations. Take it easy on the beach, walk the wooden pier or take a tour of the coast aboard the MS Baltica, leaving daily from the main pier.


With 6km of beaches, there’s enough room for everyone, even the nudists and dogs have their own designated areas! When the sun sets, everyone hits the promenade, the longest in Germany to enjoy a glass of bubbly at a restaurant or pint of Pils lager. Day trip the area aboard the traditional steam train, stopping off in Heiligendamm where the German Riviera all started. If you’re not careful, you’ll be swept off your feet, falling effortlessly in love with the simpler pace of life being surrounded by some of Germany’s best-preserved nature.

Getting there

From London, search for flights to Lübeck, departing from Stansted with Ryanair. It’s the closest airport to Kühlungsborn besides Rostock, which is served by Germanwings and Lufthansa but is much more expensive.

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