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The summer holiday season has officially started and many Brits and European will be heading to Greece in the next couple months. The top travel tip right now is: bring enough cash for your entire trip.

Travellers are being urged to travel to Greece with enough cash to cover the costs of their planned visit as the economic crisis in the country deepens. Banks across the country closed earlier this month, leaving lots of travellers without access to funds as many cash points had run out of Euros.

Locals are now limited as to how much cash they can withdraw at any given time to €60 but debit and credit cards registered abroad won’t be affected by these limits. But the Greek banks are running out of cash, quick.

George Osborne is advising British holidaymakers to travel with at least a couple hundred euros in cash, just in case. While the Foreign Office is advising to take enough euros in cash to cover the entire trip, emergencies and unforeseen circumstances.

Are you headed to Greece on flights to Athens this summer?

Img: horiavarlan / Flickr cc.

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