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The last thing you’d want to do while travelling abroad is offend a local. It’s bad enough that cities like Barcelona want to cap tourist numbers! We have to be on our best behaviour, so here’s what not to do while travelling abroad.

The good folks over at Globelink Travel Insurance have rounded up a whopping 18 things that travellers shouldn’t go abroad. They range from what not to talk about in Europe to tipping culture in Asia.

Travelling on flights to Tokyo? Remember not to leave a tip when sorting out your bill at a restaurant. When it comes to getting your caffeine fix in Italy, remember to keep your cappuccinos for breakfast, and not to order one at a restaurant… or else you’ll get a very funny look from the waiter!

When travelling abroad, it’s important to remember we’re just visiting and it’s a good idea to brush up on some local taboos and faux-pas before you go.

18 common mistakes that many travellers make

Don't Do these 18 Things Abroad
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