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Dubai’s Burj Al Arab has launched a Google Street View allowing potential guests to explore the building, including its Royal Suite and helipad.

Set on its own artificial island, Burj Al Arab isn’t for your average Joe (unless your Joe can fork out at least £900 per night.)

But within that price you receive a gold iPad upon arrival and use of the helipad to you know, land your private jet, so really that £900 is a bargain right?jumeriah-roof

In collaboration with Google, Jumeirah Inside is a 360-degree interactive platform in which users can navigate their view and really explore the luxurious hotel.

You can explore scenes of the helipad with the dramatic views of Dubai, the different floors of the hotel, Royal Suite, the hotel rooms and even take a dive into the Talise Spa’s infinity pool.


IMG: Jumeirah Group, Arch_Sam / Flickr cc.

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