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Japan Airlines is doing exactly the opposite of what other airlines are doing: they’re taking seats out of the cabin in order to create more room and more comfort for passengers on long-haul flights. Now this is an idea we are liking a lot!

Now here’s a novel idea, taking the comfort of your passengers seriously. That’s exactly what Japan Airlines is doing with their new JAP SKY SUITE 787 service. They’ve taken out a whole 25 seats to make a more spacious Premium Economy which is already available on flights from Tokyo to Frankfurt, which operates daily.

The reduced number of seats, from 186 to 161, allows the airline to offer a JAP SKY PREMIUM of 35 seats. The Business Class cabin has also been rearranged to fit the bigger and better JAP SKY SUITE. But it’s Economy Class that is the most effected. There are now only 88 passengers in this class, instead of 144, in a 2-4-2 seat configuration.

The same layout will be rolled out on flights to New York from Tokyo starting January 2015.

Img: hyougushi / Flickr cc.

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