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Autumn is turning out to be a drizzly mess in the UK so you’re not the only one thinking a little late-season sun is in order. Take off for sunny Ibiza for £96 (return, tax included) onboard easyJet for travel September 30th to October 5th.

The seasons have taken an abrupt turn for the very worse. Summer is definitely over and autumn is settling in nicely with drizzly and grey days and no sign of sunshine in the forecast for a while. Anyone up for a quick trip to Spain?

That’s what we thought.

So we scoured the deals and found this one with easyJet departing from London Luton Airport. Two and a half hours later, hello sun, sand and sangria! If you’re after one last dose of Vitamin D before we settle back into winter, here’s your chance.

Late-season means that all of Ibiza’s revellers have gone home so there won’t be much of a club scene if that’s what you’re expecting. The island is so rich in natural beauty, and the warm September afternoons are perfect for hiking, exploring the historic part of Ibiza Town and visiting nearby Formentera by boat.

You won’t find too many people taking dips in the water, but don’t be put off. Swimming season isn’t over till at least October. The Cova de Can Marçà is also an Ibiza must. It’s the biggest natural cave on the island near the Puerto de San Miguel.

Are you planning any late-season breaks? Where are you headed?

Offer found on 12/09/2012 at 12:30, price cannot be guaranteed.
Imgs: Ben Sutherland / Flickr cc.

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