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This Halloween Airbnb offers two people the opportunity to spend the night underground, sleeping in a graveyard with 6 million bodies – but don’t worry they’re heavy sleepers.

For the first time ever catacombs in Paris is transforming into a hotel, exclusively for Halloween night. The home rental website, Airbnb, are offering two brave competition winners a night they will never forget.

The catacombs will provide their two daring guests with a real bed, dinner and breakfast and a private concert. And before bedtime, the pair will be told a haunting tale that will be sure to keep them up all night. Catacombs requires no flamboyant scary story, the graveyard’s history is scary enough.

The transfer of human remains from the Parisian cemeteries to the tunnels began towards the end of 18th century as officials realised the danger of decomposing bodies to public health.

The competition closes tomorrow, 20th October. Apply now, if you dare.

IMG: darosenbauer / Flickr cc.

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