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Ibiza tourists will feel even more at home this summer as the streets of Ibiza will be patrolled by up to a dozen British police officers in order to increase security.

The Spanish government is coordinating bringing British officers to the popular summer destination and offering them free hotel rooms as part of their deal. Up to a dozen officers will be expected to patrol the streets in pairs, working alongside the Spanish civil guard.

The hope is that security will increase for tourists and locals, and that officers will keep an eye on Manchester and Liverpool-based gangs that tend to take up summer residence in the San Antonio area. Drug trafficking has become a major problem in this area during the summer months, something the Spanish government hopes the British police can help tackle to make the Balearic Islands a safe place for everyone who book flights to Ibiza this summer.

The idea has been in the works since a major raid of the largest gang of British drug traffickers in Ibiza in 2011. Ten Britons and two Irishmen were arrested and some 3,600 ecstasy pills were seized in the raid, along with 5kg of MDMA and 4kg of cocaine.

Img: amnesiaibiza / Flickr cc.

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