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Malaysia Airlines has had a pretty rough time lately and it seems that the future of the airline isn’t going to be with a fleet of Airbus A380s. The airline is offloading its entire fleet of superjumbo jets as it restructures.

Malaysia Airlines has certainly struggled to get back on its feet after two tragedies in 2014, including the disappearance of flight MH370 and the shooting down of its aircraft over Ukraine. Despite neither incident involving an A380, the airline has put all six of its A380s up for sale or for lease.

The airline is also letting go of two Boeing 747-400Fs and four Boeing 777-200ERs in the restructuring process. Malaysia Airlines is the first airline to sell off its Airbus A380s, which just celebrated 10 years in the air. With the chance to lease the aircraft, airlines now have the chance to test out the superjumbo jet before investing and buying new ones.

Increased capacity on flights is certainly one way to help major airport hubs and airlines deal with over-capacity on key routes. As for Malaysia Airlines, it plans to refocus its routes and concentrate on smaller flights.

Img: c38astra / Flickr cc.

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