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After more than 10 years planning and five years of construction, the Walt Disney company have released an opening date for their newest resort. The Shanghai Disney resort will open on June 16, 2016, so it seems like a perfect time to reminisce our favorite Disney movies and characters.

Have you ever found yourself wondering where some of Disney’s cartoons take place? This world map will answer all those questions. It’s pretty obvious that Mulan takes place in China and Ratatouille in Paris but some others are not so obvious, take a look!

We couldn’t help but share this world map from digital artist Eowyn Smith after we spotted it on Twitter. She has taken a very simple rendering of a world map and has matched no less than 48 Disney films and 10 Pixar animated films to their location. From Bambi to The Lion King, and even the most recent one from Mickey Mouse’s studios, Frozen.


Which Disney and Pixar films take place here in the UK?

Apparently quite a few!

  • Robin Hood – Sherwood Forest is near Nottingham of course!
  • The Great Mouse Detective – don’t miss a visit to 221 B Baker Street while you’re in London
  • Sword in the Stone
  • Winnie the Pooh – while Winnie was based on a real-life bear from Canada, the stories take place in Ashdown Forest, which is in Sussex
  • Alice in Wonderland – it’s not explicitly stated in the story but it’s a good guess since Lewis Carroll was English
  • The Adventures of Mr. Toad – the epitome of English life as described by a toad
  • Black Cauldron – author Lloyd Alexander was inspired by Welsh mythology for this story
  • 101 Dalmatians – London! Though we’re glad there aren’t too many Cruella De Vil’s around anymore
  • Peter Pan – another set in London
  • Cars 2 – a big part of this movie is set in England
  • Brave – finally a red-headed Scottish heroine hits the big screens! She’s a firecracker and sure to inspire more than a few flights to Edinburgh

Have you ever been inspired by a childhood film to travel someplace new?

Img: detail of map

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