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Known for its low cost flights and no-frills approach, budget airline Ryanair has announced plans to launch an accommodation service.

Launching on October 1st, the new service will operate with the aim of providing customers with, in typical Ryanair style, the lowest prices. However those expecting the most basic rooms to go alongside this may be surprised: Ryanair Rooms will provide a range of styles of accommodation – from independent homestays, hostels and budget hotels to more luxurious 5* options.

“We see this as a natural progression towards becoming the Amazon of air travel”, chief marketing officer Kenny Jacobs said as the brand hopes to match the changing demands of its customers.

It is yet to be seen whether the décor will be signature yellow and blue, or if the wake up calls will take the tune of the classic Ryanair fanfare.

Would you stay in a Ryanair Room?

IMG: Ryanair 737, clogsilk / Flickr cc

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