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Chicago is the latest American city to jump on the yoga bandwagon and is offering stressed and uptight passengers the chance to stretch out and unwind in a brand new yoga room at Chicago O’Hare Airport. 

Chicago, Burlington and San Francisco are the first American cities to offer travellers a more alternative way to de-stress while in transit. O’Hare’s newest airport amenity opened last week and if you’re travelling on flights to Chicago don’t miss the chance to stop by Terminal 3 and visit the Yoga Room. Chicago Department of Aviation also says that it plans to open one at Midway International Airport too.

So what can you expect at Chicago O’Hare’s yoga room? It isn’t a particularly large room, only 5m x 4.5m but kitted out for a yoga session before you take off on your next flight. Sustainable bamboo flooring, floor-to-ceiling mirrors and exercise mats are available for everyone. There is also a monitor playing yoga techniques if you don’t have your own routine.

Morning yoga on Sydney's Bondi Beach

Yoga is an excellent way to stretch and relax and what better place to do that then at an airport when we’re nothing but stressed and uptight. Since leggings and cosy jumpers are the usual travel attire anyways, you’re probably already dressed for a session! Yoga room or not, it’s a great way to stretch after a long trip. Here are some simple postures you can learn before you go to help you relax after a long flight.

Yoga for travellers

What do you do to relax while travelling? 

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