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Observation towers are all the rage. Just look at The Shard and Dubai’s Burj Khalifa! New York won’t be left out of the club this spring, when One World Observatory opens to the public. “Come see the ever-changing face of a city…”

One World Observatory at the World Trade Center in the New York City will feature three floors of “innovation and inspiration.” Currently the tallest building in the Western Hemisphere, it takes only 60 seconds to ride the lift up to the top, where you’ll be able to see New York from a whole new perspective. It’s no coincidence that the skyscraper’s finished height is 1776 feet, also the year the United States Declaration of Independence was signed.

What’s waiting for you at the top?

Besides the most incredible view of the city’s iconic sights and panoramic views of the skyline, tickets up to the World Observatory also include tickets to the SEE FOREVER Theater. Amenities will also include a seated restaurants and more casual cafe. Officials are calling it, quite appropriately, the “Yankee Stadium of observation decks.” We have high hopes this new tourist attraction 102 storeys above the ground will be amazing.

So far, no official opening date has been released, but if you’re booking flights to New York for spring keep your eyes open for tickets.


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