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Exchange rates are a funny thing. You don’t think much of them, until they are in your favour. Americans will be able to cash in on big savings this summer as the dollar gets stronger against the Euro.

Europe will be more affordable than ever for American travellers heading to the Continent this season, with their greenbacks worth more than they have been in the last ten years. This is of course bad news for travellers heading the other way across the Atlantic on flights to the United States with Euros to spend.

At the time of writing, $1 is equal to €0.91, that’s almost on par, compared to a year ago March, when you could only get €0.72 for each dollar. If Americans aren’t watching the changing exchange rates, they better start! Hotels, resort packages and tours from European companies mean big savings when it comes to planning their trips. Travellers will save on everything from accommodation, to restaurant meals and entry into museums and attractions.

We can definitely expect an increase in American travellers this year, maybe not noticeably in London, but definitely in popular spots like Paris and France, the Greek Islands, Amsterdam and beyond.

Img: dskley / Flickr cc.

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