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We love booking cheap flights to Hong Kong in order to take in the metropolis’s many sights and sounds – and it seems we’re not the only ones.

Hong Kong International Airport has released figures that indicate the number of passengers passing through the portal reached record heights in July.

All in all, some 4.7 million people scurried through its halls and onto the runways, no doubt after some of the wonderful tourist attractions.

Officials have put the rise down to a bounce back from the global economic downturn and the general summer vacation boom.

Chief executive Stanley Hui Hon-chung said: “To meet increased demand, both foreign and base carriers have been active in adding more flights, launching new destinations, or restoring flights that had been suspended.”

In other words, more passages have been put on – so it could be easier than ever to find Hong Kong flights that are right for you.

And you may well be in luck, as Anthony Lau, executive director of the Hong Kong Tourism Board, recently claimed that September and October are golden months for visiting the area.

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