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The newest idea from the European Union to cut greenhouse gases? Introducing (yet another) levy, this time from the EU carbon trading scheme, which could upwards of £100+ to your next family holiday.

Another year, another fee.

New studies show that the new EU green levy, backed by Brussels, will make travelling from Britain that much more expensive. As it is, a family of four taking a trip from the UK have to pay an additional £260 in Air Passenger Duty (which is expected to rise every year). A new EU Emissions Trading Scheme will also see the increase of other fees this year as well as airlines will have to pay for permits should they exceed their allowance.

Who is going to pay for these permits?

The passengers, of course.

You can expect to pay an additional £20 on any return transatlantic flight, for example. The carbon scheme is expected to cost airlines in the EU a whopping £1 billion a year, a cost which will be deferred onto passengers.

How to avoid paying additional fees?

Experts say that airports outside the EU will have the competitive edge as far as prices are concerned, like Geneva. More and more airlines will opt to fly by hubs like Heathrow in order to avoid the permits. As it is, passengers can avoid paying APD by taking off on long-haul trips with flights from Amsterdam or Paris.

Want to know more about ADP? Check out Fees, taxes, carbon emissions: What’s a traveller to do?

Img: Ivan Marianelli / Flickr cc.

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