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The whole check-in process is getting even easier and faster as easyJet adds a new passport scanning feature to its smartphone app.

The new passport scanning functionality has been added to its iOS and Android apps, making it even easier for passengers to check in. Online check-in has been around for ages now, and it’s nothing new for travellers who fly low-cost on a regular basis but it still involved typing in your passport details into the computer. The new easyJet app lets you simply snap a photo of your travel document and the software does the rest.

You can also check-in for your flights with your smartphone up to two hours before departure at 110 airports. Android users will notice right away that their version of the app has gotten a total visual make-over and is looking sleeker and prettier than ever. All of this, plus a reminder about your seat selection right before you board.

Bravo easyJet, we’re loving this new app!

Img: Alessio Bragadini / Flickr cc.

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