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With the success of the prequel to Lord of the Rings since it’s release in December, New Zealand has made it to the tourism spot light once again. If you haven’t visited this magical country first-hand, make it a priority. Take a journey and travel into The Hobbit.

Welcome to Middle Earth

Are you a fan of Tolkien or Peter Jackson’s cinematography? You don’t have to be a LOTR’s fan to appreciate the stunningly beautiful landscapes of New Zealand. The latest release, The Hobbit: an unexpected journey entranced viewers, tempting many to plan holidays in New Zealand to see Jackson’s Middle Earth in person. The film takes viewers on a improbable journey through once poetic but now supernatural and disturbing landscapes filled with creatures from Tolkien’s imagination; dwarves, elves and Hobbits…

The most disappointing thing about a trip to NZ’s Middle Earth is that you won’t see hobbits walking around, having giant feasts outside their little homes in the hills. But at least you can appreciate the surroundings and even see parts of the set used on the films which is impressive enough.









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3 responses to “Slideshow: in the land of The Hobbit

  1. Wow, great pictures. Thanks for sharing! I especially love the pictures of Gollum’s lair. Pretty amazing scenery. It definitely makes me want to visit someday.

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