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When funds are tight it appears that holidays are the first thing to be scrapped. A new study shows that cash-strapped Brits are taking fewer holidays and young adults are the most likely to cut their travel spending when times are tough.

ABTA, the travel association, has released their annual report which reveals that 83% of of Britons took a holiday between August 2012 and August 2013. 7 in 10 took a trip at home in the UK while 5 in 10 took a holiday abroad.

Briton’s young adults (ages 16-24) are the most active travellers. But this year saw the biggest drop in numbers, taking 1 less holiday a year than the previous year (3.7 down from 4.7). On the flip side though, travellers aged 55-64 are taking more holidays, 3.2 compared to 2.7 in the previous year.

Interesting results…

  • Londoners took the most overseas holidays (1.6 on average)
  • Scots took the most domestic trips (2.3)
  • Travellers from Northern Ireland took the least breaks (2.5 with just 0.8 trips abroad)
  • 5% of holidays booked by Britons were cruises
  • 7% of holidays booked were for music festivals and events

There was plenty to keep young travellers at home this year: the struggling economy, financial uncertainty in the Eurozone and a super hot heatwave across the UK. But what will 2013/2014 bring? Young Britons are optimistic about travelling more than ever next year with 29% saying they would spend more on travel and only 13% saying they would spend less.

What about you? Did you travel more this year or less, compared to last year? Are you already planning any big trips for 2014?

For the full report, visit The Consumer Holiday Trends Report.

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