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Yes, you read that right: you can swim with pigs in the Bahamas! We took a double-take the first time we saw that headline too and we couldn’t help but share. Because really, who doesn’t want to swim with pigs?

A lot of tourists have things on their holiday wish list to the Bahamas like swim with sharks or swim with dolphins. But swim with pigs? Who knew that you could spot these frolicking jolly creatures on the beaches of Bahamas? Head to the Exumas and you can even swim with them on, appropriately named, Pig Beach.


The island of Big Major Cay is where you’ll find these adorable wild creatures running free on land and apparently also in the water. While the pigs are technically wild, they certainly aren’t native to the island. Legend has it that a long, long time ago a group of sailors dropped the pigs off on the island, thinking they would be a good source of food later. The sailors never returned but the pigs stayed and adapted to their new surroundings quite well.

Here’s something to add to the list the next time you book flights to the Bahamas!




As good as swimming with sharks? We say, it’s even better!

Imgs: bookfinch, cdorobek / Flickr cc.

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