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Yesterday a video went viral of an elderly man greeting his female friend/wife at the airport with a card and big bunch of flowers.

The short video captured the heart of millions, but this is not the only time airport welcomes have gone viral and set the bar for future greetings. See below for our favourite airport welcomes.

Flash mob welcome

In 2010 T Mobile set the bar for all airport welcomes and flash mobs. The company surprised passengers arriving into Heathrow Terminal 5 with the most epic of welcomes.

A huge cast of talented singers, dancers and actors featured in the number which brought smiles and laughter to everyone watching, as they sang directly to the passengers showing them love and friendship.

The number was executed to perfection and the footage was used as a part of T Mobile’s Life’s for Sharing campaign.

Welcome a stranger

Landing from a long haul flight is bad enough, you’re exhausted, groggy and just want to get home, but landing from a flight with nobody to greet you is rather depressing.

You say to yourself, ‘oh, I’d rather people didn’t make a fuss, it’s embarrassing’ but secretly you want someone there to celebrate your safe landing.

An improv group named Improv Everywhere executed a projected called Welcome Strangers – in which 20 people welcomed a stranger as they landed from their flight. The staged welcome included, singing, cheering, balloons, banners and the whole sha-bang – received by a very confused and baffled stranger.

Welcomed with a gift

Christmas is the time for season greetings, and WestJet airlines sure know how to give the most awesome season greetings. The airline brought a smile and a few tears to their passengers eyes as they welcomed their passengers at their destination with their top Christmas wish. Watch the video to see what gifts they received from socks to smart TVs and everything in between.


BannerXpress is a Dutch company that developed the world’s first manner-making vending machine that allows you to make personalised banners in the airport.

In just a few simple steps your personalised banner will be printed within minutes, making it easy to create a memorable welcome without all the planning.

IMG: Robin Shotola Photography / Flickr .cc

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