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Planning a trip to Madrid, Stockholm or Amsterdam? Each country has its own culinary speciality and it would be sacrilege not to try them all! Here’s a round-up of the foods you absolutely must try when travelling around Europe. Bon appetit!

For a long time “street food” was totally despised by top chefs. It was food from poor countries and synonymous with poor quality and poor ingredients… junk food, literally.

But the times, they are a changin’… small food trucks and stalls have pushed themselves into the cities of Europe and have even become a part of a city’s identity and even tourist attractions! Some have religious followings of hungry locals and travellers.

Tuck in to any of these treats while you’re abroad, they’re not to be missed while you’re travelling. This is the ultimate street food guide for Europe, created by, a platform for rental holiday apartments, one of AirBnB’s competitors. For each speciality, they’ve also indicated an average price.

For ideas on what kind of street food to try further afield, check out this post, Where it’s good: street food from around the world.



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