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The seas around Japan look a lot like “jellyfish soup” this year as swarms of them arrive at the coast, but it’s not just Japan that’s dealing with an overload of jellyfish, Sweden and the French Riviera are reporting problems too.

Over the past several years, key tourist areas have reported a dramatic increase in jellyfish along the coast. The French Riviera in particular. Holidaymakers are being told to pay more attention to jellyfish forecasts than the weather when booking their flights to Nice for summer holidays.

Jellyfish were the top agenda item at the last international marine conservation conference held in Barcelona. Some experts are warning the seas could be in real danger if action isn’t taken against the jellyfish. One part of the problem are the developing coastlines. Concrete embankments are the perfect place for baby jellyfish to stick and grow. Overfishing is also to blame, leaving an abnormally large amount of plankton and sardines in the oceans, a jellyfish’s favourite treat!

The bottom line is, if you’re booking a beach holiday anywhere in the world known for a history of jellyfish along the coast, make sure you keep an eye on their forecasts leading up to your trip.

Img: jasonpratt / Flickr cc.

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