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The first Legoland in the Middle East will be built in Dubai as part of the city’s newest tourism complex, a project worth an estimated £1.7 billion.

Dubai Parks and Resorts is a massive project that will also include a Bollywood-themed park in celebration of India’s film industry and a Hollywood-themed park too. The project is all part of the UAE’s plan to expand the city’s hotel capacity and increase tourist numbers with brand new attractions. Dubai hopes to reach 20 million visitors a year by 2020 when the city will host the World Expo. Now that will definitely be a good time to book flights to Dubai!

Dubai’s Legoland was planned to open in 2013 but the previous project was put on hold due to the economic situation in the region. But Legoland is back on track and it will be the first in the Middle East and the seventh Legoland in the world. It will be the ideal place for children ages 2 to 12 to enjoy interactive rides, shows and attractions. The park is expected to open in 2016, hopefully without any more delays!

Img: elfidomx / Flickr cc.

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