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Costa Rica Tourism has enlisted the help of some fun-loving furry singing heroes to help lure overworking Americans away from their desks and over to their island paradise. Who can resist these little fellows?

With news that most American workers aren’t using all their holiday time (also an issue in the UK), Costa Rica Tourism took a cue and turned it into a marketing campaign with some furry singing animals at the forefront.

They’re calling it “Save the Americans” and features a sloth, turtles and parrots signing about the overworking habits of Americans to the tune of “The Lion Sleeps Tonight.” Their charming lyrics insist that flights to Costa Rica will solve it all and break that overworking habit. After all, it’s important to take time off and if you can do it in Costa Rica… all the better!

The campaign will roll out this year across the US and Canada, with target audiences in notoriously overworking areas… Wall Street anyone?

Img: screenshot from film

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