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The latest sound-cancelling device for travellers hoping to catch some shut-eye while in transit is promising to “make travelling a dream.”

SleepPhones have just been released to the UK market and are made of soft, cosy, polyester fleece that incorporate a set of thin stereo speakers. Think soft, fleecy headband with built-in speakers that come either wireless or pug into your phone or device with a headphone jack.

They promise to be more comfortable than in-ear or on-ear headphones and are the “perfect sleep aid for tired travellers.” Snoring passenger to your left? Drown him out with an audiobook or your latest iTunes download. How about sleeping on your side without an annoying headphone getting in the way? SleepPhones are thin and soft for ultimate comfort.

Starting at £29.99 for a classic headband, could this be the next must-have travel gadget for long-haul travellers?

Travellers will do ANYTHING for some proper rest on a plane. If you find yourself a little restless when it comes to catching shut-eye, check out our guide: Sleeping on a plane: the ultimate guide.



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