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Sometimes the greatest journeys are below ground, and with some metros around the world the journey isn’t just a necessity to get to work but an adventure through a fantastic piece of art. Traveller’s Magazine has selected some of the most beautiful metros in the world.

We have ranked the top 10 metro stations around the world from the oldest to the newest and all the ones in between that oozes charm.

10. Olasis, Lisbon (Portugal)

If you decide to take a flight to Lisbon, do not miss the most beautiful subway stop of the Capital’s line. It’s eccentric architecture and its artistic installation, the Oalias station is a multitude of colours and a real treat for the eyes.olaias

9. Paco de Lucia, Madrid (Spain)

Originally called Costa Brava, Paco de Lucia was named recently after the great Andalusian guitarist and honours him with a huge urban art mural.

8. Fulton Transit Centre, New York (USA)

Located in the southern part of Manhattan, at the intersection of Fulton Street and Broadway, Fulton Centre (2014) is one of the last works of the modernisation of the New York subway system and is rightly considered one of the most attractions of the Big Apple. Be warned, Fulton Centre is always terribly crowded during working days so be sure to visit on the weekend when you can explore at your own pace.Fulton Transit Center

7. Bockenheimer Warte, Frankfurt (Germany)

Of course, much of the buzz and interest surrounding this underground station is liked to it’s quirky and hilarious entrance.Bockenheimer Warte

6. Formosa Boulevard, Kaohsiung (Taiwan)

At the top of the station Formosa Boulevard in Kaohsiung, the second largest city in Taiwan, is the Dome of Light, a large public art installation consisting of a huge dome that forms a rainbow and describes the history of human life.Formosa Boulevard

5. Mayakovskaya, Moscow (Russia)

The first of the Moscow metro line was opened in 1935 and was used as a bomb shelter during World War II. Beside military utility, however, the underground system of the Russian capital, which is one of the largest in the world has a great artistic value. With as many as 44 stations recognised as cultural heritage, the most famous is undoubtedly the stunning Mayakovskaya, one of the best examples of pre-war Stalinist architecture.Mayakovskaya

4. Tunnel Bund, Shanghai (China)

Although this is not a metro station but a tunnel to the Bund it is one of the most unique light show in the world. It is a real must see attraction.Tunnel Bund

3. Arts et Matiers, Paris (France)

The Parisian metro line 11, which takes its name from the nearby Conservatoire National des Arts et Metiers, is one of the most original and striking stations in the world. The station is decorated ad furnished like the inside of a submarine complete with portholes on walls covered I copper and gear on the ceiling.Arts et Métiers

2. Toledo, Naples (Italy)

Designed by Spanish architect Oscar Tusquets ad open to the public four years ago, the Toledo station of Naples was elected by The Daily Telegraph and by the American TV channel CNN as the most beautiful subway in Europe. The mosaics and decorations in the interior are made up of beautiful blue and ocher colours, giving travellers the impression of being under water.Toledo

1.T-Centralen, Stockholm (Sweden)

For first place we chose the most important and popular stops of the subway in Stockholm, at the meeting point of three lines of the underground transport system of the Swedish capital.T-Centralen

In fact the whole Stockholm subway system is considered the world’s longest sottorranneo museum, thanks to its numerous, wonderful stations that can compete with the T-Centralen, as Solna, Radushen, Stadion or Kungstradgarden to name a few.Solna

Photo:  Tim Adams , Ingolf ,  Metropolitan Transportation Authority / Patrick Cashin , Jcornelius , Alfred Wei , Tim Adams , Yu Morita ,  Juan Enrique GilardiManfredonio Antonio , Tony Webster ,  Jakub Kadlec  / Wikimedia Flickr cc.

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