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One Tanzania business federation is planning to try using drones in the Selous Game Reserve in an effort to combat poaching, specifically of elephants.

With news that African elephants could disappear within a decade, it’s essential to act fast to stop animal poaching. At least that’s what the Tanzania Private Sector Foundation thinks, as it works alongside the Tanzanian government to combat poaching and boost efforts to preserve the continent’s elephants.

They will be testing both American and French-built drones between April 27th and May 4th. Tourism plays a very important role in the Tanzanian economy and the big attraction is the country’s wildlife, which is why it’s important for everyone, not just the government, to explore ways to stop the poaching. Tanzania is the largest source of poached ivory in the world, with China as the biggest importer of smuggled tusks.

Img: sara_joachim / Flickr cc.

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