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Flying first or business used to be only reserved for the elite, corporate managers, millionaires, celebrities, kings, queens and their cousins too. Not any more, this is the twenty-first century and it no longer costs a couple of crisp thousand-pound bills to cross the Atlantic in business class.

Part of this change is due to the increasing number of all Business class airline companies offering competitive airfares and high quality service to destinations around the world, Silverjet and OpenSkies for example. Smaller domestic and short-haul airlines are also getting in on business class, seeing and increase in passengers wanting to fly a little more comfortable than in Economy. bmi regularly offers deals on Business class seats, as does Virgin Atlantic. Fly round-trip, taxes included, from London to New York for less than £600!

How to score deals on business class flights:

  • Sign up for airline newsletters and keep your eyes open for promotions and special offers on certain destinations.
  • Use a travel search engine to look only for Business or First class seats, will find the best fares available on the web.
  • Inquire about seat upgrades at the airport when you check-in, it’s not unheard of to find one for as little as £30-50.
  • Save your efforts for long-haul international flights, if you fly domestic it’s probably not worth it.
  • Use your air miles to secure an upgrade or see if your loyalty rewards card gives you any added bonuses.

Business class, contrary to its name, is not just for business travellers. It’s that step between Economy and First, a little more seat pitch, a little extra leg room, hopefully better in-flight catering and a free drink before the flight takes off. Business class isn’t what it used to be though, with the introduction of no-frills low cost airline companies, there is fierce competition!

You can expect lie-flat seats on long-haul flights with eliminate the cramped neck from falling asleep sitting up, actually giving you the chance to get a few hours sleep before arriving at your destination. Larger seat pitch gives you more leg room so you can move around easily, preventing swelling in your feet. Above all you can count on not being disturbed by upset babies, nervous first-flyers and funny body odours coming from the seat next to you.

The fact is that flying Business doesn’t cost the fortune many believe it does. Beware though, once you fly Business once, you may never want to fly Economy again. Have you ever flown in Business class?

Img: Singapore Airlines – New Business Class

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